NEM#2. Fritz Beer: Knuckle Draggin’ To and Fro

Fritz BeerFritz maintains a cool, direct front-man persona even while engaging in self-help, snarling social commentary, and referencing classic literature. He aims to write simple, repetitive songs that catch you and hit you and make you their dog. He’s been out there since the ’80s, moving around the country from band to band, but consistently delivering the goods.

On this episode of the Nakedly Examined Music podcast, we discuss the results of a few of these projects: “Spray Job” by The Bishops from The River North Sessions (1994 or so) from Alton, IL; “Try Something New” from Punchy’s album Just My Type (2001); and “When I Say Jump” by Fritz Beer and Crown Vic from She’s Got Demons.

The closing song is “I’m on a Leash” by Crown Vic from Dreams Get Driven (2008), and the intro/outro features part of “Que Es Esto,” also from She’s Got Demons. Learn more about Fritz at

Some of the things we refer to in the discussion include this picture of Patty Hearst, artist Bill Harris whose work was used for the Crown Vic albums, Soul Asylum’s Hang Time, Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros, Mojo Nixon, Errol Siegel (currently running Roxy Roca)
and The Fake Johnson Trio.

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