NEM #19: Chad Clark (Beauty Pill): Smart Went Electro-Soundscapey

Chad ClarkChad’s 2015 album Beauty Pill Describes Things As They Are has received heaps of nice reviews, with its carefully crafted, groove-oriented soundscapes and cinematic lyrics. We discuss “Afrikaner Barista” and “Steven & Tiwonge,” and then go back to Beauty Pill’s first release with “The Idiot Heart” from the The Cigarette Girl Of The Future EP (2001).

We close by listening to “The Prize,” a cover of an Arto Lindsay song. The opening music is “A Good Day” by Chad’s previous band, Smart Went Crazy, from Con Art (1997).

Learn more at Hear Chad on NPR. Chad talks about making the new album while on display in a museum and his illness and change of style prior to the album on the Chunky Glasses podcast. Here’s the offical, kaleidoscopic Afrikaner Barista video. Here’s the song “You, Yes You” that references Michael Jackson that Chad refers to. Here’s the current band live, including Jean Cook playing the monome.

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  1. If you’re looking for more “entry level” rap/ hip hop, have you looked at Doomtree? Given your background, I think you’ll find a lot of the references familiar – which is pretty important for getting into that genre! It tends to be very referential. Doomtree artists tend to use a lot of literary references and the artists tend to be a bit older, which makes the work more comprehensible to middle aged white people 😉

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