NEM #24: Tyler Hislop (Sacrifice): Copious Rhymes

Tyler HislopTyler can rap endlessly, and has filled up ten lengthy albums full of his machine-gunned musings on life and politics, usually over his own soundscapes, but sometimes using sampled or preexisting backgrounds, usually alone but often with another rapper or two. This is an exceptionally clear, insightful introduction to indie hip-hop to those like me that have seldom listened to this form outside of radio or TV. Oh, and Tyler is the editor for this podcast, so he actually knows the format!

We discuss mostly tracks from his 2015 album Long Way Down, including “Negative Space” and the title track. At the end we listen to his collaboration with Ben Grimm from this album, “Ciphers.” We also peek back to Tyler’s 2008 album Quest for Meaning with “Kids of the Earth.” Opening music: “Stasis Free” (2016).

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  1. An EXCELLENT listening experience and a new understanding of (my Son) Tyler Hislop!!!!!!!! LOVED IT!!!! Great job Mark!!!!!

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