NEM #28: Jill Freeman on Fairy Tales and Psychological Truth

Jill FreemanJill was part of a 3-woman vocal band in the ’80s called The Life is Grand Band, and then in 1995 released Songs About Sex & Depression, and only in 2015 unveiled her long-awaited study of the dark psychology of fairy tales, A Handmade Life.

We focus on this most recent project, discussing “Letters from Murdertown” and “Eyes of Fire,” and playing at the end “Walking on Glass.” Our third discussion song goes back to the previous album with “Everything Makes Me Cry.” Opening music is The Life Is Grand Band’s “Harry’s Song” from Feel Like Makin’ Art (1989).

Watch Jill and her husband/producer Joel Wachbrit perform and further explain “Letters from Murdertown”; here’s another explaining more about the project and playing another song from the album, “Completely Unaware.” Here’s another new interview with both of them about the album, and here they are playing one of my favorite Byrds songs “Feel a Whole Lot Better.”

Here’s a rundown of that story “Vasilisa the Beautiful” that “Eyes of Fire” focuses on.

You can get more information and read lyrics at

Here’s her band all dressed up in carnival garb:

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