NEM #49: Scott McCaughey Minus 5 Plus Young Fresh Fellows Equals Magic

Scott McCaugheyScott established himself fronting Seattle’s Young Fresh Fellows starting in 1981, then around 1994 joined R.E.M. as a recording/touring member and started The Minus 5 with R.E.M.’s Peter Buck.

We discuss The Minus 5’s “In the Ground” from Dungeon Golds (2015), “All the Time” from their Old Liquidator (1995), and “Weymer Never Dies” from their Of Monkees & Men (2016). We conclude by listening to “Another Ten Reasons” by Young Fresh Fellows from Tiempo De Lujo (2012). Intro music: “Two Lives” from their Topsy Turvy (1985).

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Here’s Scott performing another one of the Monkees-related tracks from Of Monkees and Men, “Davy Gets the Girl,” and here’s a full-band set from 2016. Here he is live with Steve Wynn and R.E.M.’s Mike Mills in The Baseball Project, live in 2014. Here’s a Vintage Young Fresh Fellows video for “Still There’s Hope” and a recent live performance of “No One Really Knows.”

Here’s Scott performing with Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy; The Minus 5 and Wilco recorded a collaborative album called Down with Wilco. Here’s Scott backing Robyn Hitchcock live.

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