NEM #53: David Brookings Is Obsessed

David BrookingsDavid has recorded seven albums since 2000. Usually one wants to avoid the term “Beatlesque,” but David is a Beatles freak who once recorded his performances all 209 Beatles songs over 209 days.

We discuss “Time to Go” from David Brookings and the Average Lookings (2016), “Dead Battery” from Chorus Verses the Bridge (2005), and the title track from Obsessed (2007). We conclude by listening to “If I Don’t Make It Back” from The Maze (2013). Opening music: “You’re Right, It Went So Wrong” from the current album.

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Here’s another rendition of David’s Steve Jobs story and all those Beatles renditions from Business Insider magazine. Here’s a trailer for his current album. Here’s a bit of his Sun Studio tour and his older song “Sand in the Hourglass.” Here’s a nice live version of “If I Don’t Make It Back.”

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