NEM #56: “Dr. Frank” Portman Writes His Inner Teenager

Frank PortmanFrank has led Bay Area punk band The Mr. T Experience since 1985, with a dozen-plus releases, and has also written three successful music-related books for teens since 2006.

We discuss “Down With the Universe” from King Dork Approximately, the Album (2016), “Big, Strange, Beautiful Hammer” from Yesterday Rules (2004), and “More Than Toast” from Our Bodies Our Selves (1993). We conclude by listening to “Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend,” a 2014 single by Dr. Frank & the Bye-Bye Blackbirds. Opening/closing music: “Danny Partridge” from Everyone’s Entitled to Their Own Opinion (1986). Learn more at

Here’s the current lineup of MTX playing “More than Toast” live. Here he is doing a book tour (playing music and reading) for his first book, King Dork. Here’s a recent song also relating to that book, performed at a book promo event in 2016. Here’s a full MTX set from their heyday in 1997.

Here’s that opening song, “Danny Partridge,” in full. Here’s the original 1993 acoustic version of “Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend.” Here’s maybe their most famous album in full, 1996’s Love Is Dead.

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Photo by Liz Drake from The Land of Oak, California, USA (MTX_160.jpg) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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