NEM#61: Richard X. Heyman Is Incognito (Yet a Cornerstone)

Richard X. HeymanRichard garnered early fame as drummer for ’60s New Jersey garage band The Doughboys and has put out 11 albums, largely as a one-man band, since 1988.

We discuss the title tracks from Incognito (2017) and Cornerstone (1998) and “Agnostic’s Prayer” from Tiers and Other Stories (2011). End song: “And Then” from Incognito. Intro: “Falling Away” from Hey Man! (1990).

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Here’s the video we discuss for “Incognito,” and here’s one for “Falling Away” from his brief major-label career. Another early hit was “Call Out the Military.” Here’s the video for “Cornerstone.” Richard brings up his song “Civil War Buff” in our interview.

Here are the Doughboys live (recently). Here’s Richard’s trio live (not so recently). Here’s the Doughboys’ hit from 1967.

If you’re not sure why we keep bringing up Gene Clark, maybe listen to his best album.

Here he is walking through the steps involved in creating a track from his new album. I highly recommend Richard’s 2002 book, largely about being a teenage musician in the Beatles age, Boom Harangue.

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