NEM#63: Revisiting Bradley Skaught, Jeff Heiskell, Steve Petrinko: 2017 Year-End Extravaganza

NEM logoTo celebrate the end of year #2 of the podcast, I talked to three previous guests about a song they’ve released since the episode.

Bradley Skaught from the Bye-Bye Blackbirds (see #32) discusses “Duet” (co-written/sung by Lindsay Paige Garfield) from their new album Take Out the Poison. Visit to see the video and learn more.

Jeff Heiskell, formerly of JudyBats (see #5), talks about “Still Life with Broken Heart” from Emotional Terrorism. Watch the video. Learn more at

Steve Petrinko (see #6) visits to talk about “Wind of Change” from A Tribute to the Bee Gees ’66 to ’78. Hear more at Listen to the original song.

Finally, hear some words from NEM editor Tyler Hislop (see #24) about his new song featuring your host Mark Lint, “Wounds and Nihilism (Quantum Androids),” written for PEL #175. Hear the whole song.

Opening music: “Dawning on Me” by Mark Lint featuring Ken Stringfellow. Hear it at Hear Mark on the Dr. Drew podcast.

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