NEM#64: Mike Huberty (Sunspot): Rock from the Other Side

Mike HubertyMike fronts a hard-working Madison power trio more or less in the glam rock vein that’s put out 7 albums and 7 EPs since 2000. He also runs (and records a new song every week for) a podcast about the occult.

We discuss “Sulfur” from The Wilderness of Almost Was and Never Were (2017), “Saturday Night Gospel” from Dangerous Times (2014), and “Prozac Girl” from Loser of the Year (2003). We conclude by listening to “We Are the Darkness” from The Slingshot Effect (2011). Opening music: “Stardust (Acoustic)” from Arthuriana (2013).

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Here they are live. Here are Mike and Wendy Lynn playing as an acoustic duo. Here’s an interview and acoustic performance by all three members.

They’ve created a number of lyric videos using various media clips like this one for “Arthuriana.” Here’s a short video version of their podcast, “See You On The Other Side.” A number of their songs are composed just for episodes of that podcast, resulting in some strange subject matter. They also do some goofy cover tunes.

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