NEM#69: Craig Wedren Catch-Up: “Safe Home/Fadeland”

Adult Desire VROn NEM#15, Craig introduced us to his songwriting style: How a hardcore aesthetic informs even his most syntho creations, and how whimsicality and beauty can coexist harmoniously. Craig has since then released the Adult Desire album, and returns to talk to us about the song “Safe Home/Fadeland” and about the Adult Desire 360 VR application he’s released as a way for people to experience this and other songs from this album.

As a bonus, underlying the intro is the entirety of “Amnesian Wedding March,” and the outro is the whole of “I Was a Soldier.”

For more, visit Search for “Adult Desire 360” on Apple’s app store.

Watch Craig show how to use a VR viewer and talk more about the app. Here’s the title track to the album, and here’s Craig playing “Safe Home/Fadeland” live by himself on guitar.

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