NEM#75: Nick Saloman (The Bevis Frond): Indie Every Day!

Nick SalomanNick has released 22 albums as The Bevis Frond since 1986, alternating jangle-pop with psychedelia and power-guitar rock… pretty much anything ’60s-flavored.

We discuss “Longships” from Example 22 (2015), “Opthalmic Microdots” from White Numbers (2013), and “Coming Round” from London Stone (1992). We conclude by listening to “Portobello Man” from Valedictory Songs (2000). Intro: “He’d Be a Diamond” from New River Head (1991). Hear more at

Johnny Kwango” is one of Nick’s catchiest songs, to my ear. To hear Nick’s initial solo work as The Bevis Frond, check out this especially popular (and lengthy!) tune “High in a Flat.” Another good early one is “Splendid Isolation.”

Here’s the Bevis Frond live in 2004. And here’s the Bevis Frond live as an acoustic duo. Here are his first recordings with his band The Von Trap Family from 1979.

Here’s Nick’s full version of “He’d Be a Diamond,” plus Teenage Fanclub and Mary Lou Lord covering it.

Photo by Matt Condon, from Cosmic Sonic Rendevous 2015.

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