NEM#77: Shawn Phillips: Uncategorizable from Texas

Shawn PhillipsShawn started with two albums as a ’60s folk singer, went to England to cavort with Donavan, The Beatles, et al, and emerged in the ’70s with ten albums of eclectic, progressive music with shamanic lyrics delivered with a twang.

We discuss “She Was Waitin’ for Her Mother at the Station in Torino and You Know I Love You Baby but It’s Getting Too Heavy to Laugh” (or “Woman” for short) from Second Contribution (1971), “A Christmas Song” from Faces (1972) and “Mr. President” from Furthermore (1974), then play two songs from his new album, Continuance: “C’mon Round” and “Bach to the Fusion.” Opening music: “I’m a Loner (I’m a Drifter)” from I’m a Loner (1964). For more, see

Here he is recently live with Paul Buckmaster and J. Peter Robinson. Here he is doing his live one-man band layering thing. Here he is singing “Woman” live solo, and here’s a whole recent live show. Support us at Here’s the full album track of “I’m a Loner.” His best-known song might actually be “Hey Miss Lonely,” which is one of the most Willie-Nelson-like things he’s done.

Here’s another interview with some in-studio performance, and here he is teaching some guitar. Here’s another interview with performance from the ’90s. Here he is telling one of his famed on-stage stories and playing a song.

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  1. Not many comments on these episodes, so here is just to acknowledge that this is a great podcast. I appreciate your digging for technical and theoretical information, even though some of the guests like to pretend it’s all about feeling and intuition. This Shawn Phillips fellow is too cool to criticize for that though: “Health, love and clarity” is profound.

  2. Great to hear this podcast with Shawn Phillips! I’ve been a fan since 1977. I’ve only met three or four people in my whole life who have even heard of him. ( Maybe I should get out more!) his Texas speaking voice was a total surprise!

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