NEM#80: Rod Picott: Literary Workin’ Man

Rod PicottNashville singer/songwriter/fiction-writer Rod laid sheet rock for years before releasing his first album in 2001; he has now released ten albums of vivid Americana.

We focus on his new double album Out Past The Wires, discussing “Take Home Pay” and “Date of Grace” (with intro/outro from “Be My Bonnie”), then look back to “Rust Belt Fields” from Welding Burns (2011) and finally listen to “You’re Not Missing Anything” from Hang Your Hopes on a Crooked Nail (2014). More at

Here’s a sample of Rod’s live solo act. Here he is similarly performing “Take Home Pay,” including his storytelling. Here he is back in 2007 playing a live song with a band from his first album. Here he is live with Amanda Shires.

Rod has also done some fancy videos: “You’re Not Missing Anything,” “Coal,” “Dead Reckoning,” “’65 Falcon,” “I Might Be Broken Now,” and “Where No One Knows My Name.”

Hear co-writer Slaid Cleaves’s version of “Take Home Pay.” Here’s Slaid performing “Rust Belt Fields.” And here are Slaid and Rod together, trading off verses.

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