NEM#81: Lindsay Murray Is Gretchen’s Wheel

Lindsay MurrayLindsay has released four albums and an EP of depressed alternative rock under the band name Gretchen’s Wheel since 2015.

She provides an interesting DIY model of music production: Home recording using software for amp simulation and keyboard parts, then ship it elsewhere for drumming and mixing. All songs are written on acoustic, but the acoustic part is eclipsed or eliminated in the final mix.

We focus on the new album Black Box Theory, discussing “Untethered” and “Tatyana,” and listening to “Plans.” We also discuss “Save the Day” from Sad Scientist (2017). Opening/closing music: “Total Loss” from Fragile State (2015), written with Ken Stringfellow. For more, visit

Lindsay sprung for a full video for “Untethered”; watch it here. When Lindsay plays live, it’s pretty much always as a solo acoustic artist, as here. Here’s a video showing her studio technique. You can hear the acoustic “awry” EP we talk about here.

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