PREVIEW-(sub)Text#6: Melanie Klein’s “Notes on Some Schizoid Mechanisms”

KleinWes Alwan is joined by Dr. Glenn Mobray of the New Center of Psychoanalysis in Los Angeles to discuss this classic 1946 psychoanalytic text.

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Klein worked with small children and hypothesized that the Oedipal complex happens not at 3–5 years as Freud thought but much earlier, and this innovation also made it possible for psychoanalysis to treat psychotics, and not merely neurotics as Freud thought.

Read the text online.

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  1. This was so helpful. Dr. Mobray explained these concepts like a true teacher. Wes does this many times but this topic has always been of interest to me and eludes me. What a wonderful moment to hear something that I’ve only understood just a little around the edges said in such an accessible way. Thanks so much for this.

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