NEM#102: John Andrew Fredrick (The Black Watch): Literary Anglophilia

John Andrew FredrickJohn has released 17 albums and 5 EPs of guitar-based post-punk as the Black Watch since 1988. He’s also an English professor who’s published 5 books.


We discuss “Eustacia’s Dream” from Magic Johnson (2019), “Emily, Are You Sleeping?” from Led Zeppelin Five (2011), “Inner City Garden” from The Hypnotizing Sea (2005), and premiere “Much of a Muchness” from the forthcoming Crying All the Time EP. For more, see and find The Black Watch on Facebook.

Listen to all of “Terrific.” Here’s one of their snazzy official videos, for “Beautiful Sleeper,” a sweet, sort of minimalist tune. Here they are live during the Led Zeppelin Five era. Here’s John live solo. Here’s a “book trailer.” Browse more Black Watch video.


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