NEM#104: Dave Schramm: The Return of the Schramms

Dave was the original guitarist for Yo La Tengo in the mid ’80s and left to lead The Schramms for six albums plus two solo albums while being an in-demand guitarist supporting artists like Freedy Johnston, Richard Buckner, Kate Jacobs, and Chris Stamey.

We discuss three Schramms songs, “Faith is a Dusty Word” from Omnidirectional (2019), “I’ll Believe” from 100 Questions (2000), and “Wild Innocence” from Dizzy Spell (1996), and conclude by listening to another Omnidirectional tune, “The Day When.” For more info, see

Check out The Schramms’ “New England” video. Here’s a bit of Dave live with Ira Kaplan from Yo La Tengo. Here’s Yo La Tengo’s version of “The Way Some People Die,” and here’s the Schramms’ version featured at the beginning of this episode from Walk to Delphi (1989). Also, check out

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