NEM#105: Wayne Hussey (The Mission): Salad Daze to Mission Accomplished

Wayne started in the late 70s, was on the first Dead or Alive Album, made his name as guitarist for The Sisters of Mercy’s first full album, then led The Mission UK from 1986 through 11 albums and multiple break-ups to the present. He’s also released two solo albums and some collaborations.

We discuss “Wither on the Vine” from his solo effort Songs of Candlelight & Razorblades (2014), then two Mission songs: “Phantom Pain” fromAnother Fall from Grace (2016) and “Tower of Strength” from Children (1987). We conclude by listening to a 2016 solo single “My Love Will Protect You.” Intro/outro: “Marian” by Sisters of Mercy (music: Hussey/lyrics: Andrew Eldritch) from First and Last and Always (1985). For more, visit

I also read Wayne’s 2019 formative autobiography, Salad Daze. Here he is live with Dead or Alive in 1982, then on TV playing “Marian” with Sisters of Mercy. Here’s the video for one of the Mission’s big early hits, “Wasteland.” Here he is live solo playing a that song in 2018. Here’s the Mission playing “Tower of Strength” live in 2016. Here’s his video for “Wither on the Vine,” and one for his 2016 remake of “Marian.” Listen to that very Cure-like tune I brought up from 1994, “Sour Puss.”

Image by S. Bollmann.

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