NEM#109: Producer Guy Sigsworth (Seal, Björk, etc.) Goes Solo

Guy has been a highly sought-after British producer/keyboardist since the early ’90s and is just now releasing his debut album, STET. We discuss “Mono No Aware” and “Dorian” from that album and “Unravel” from Björk’s Homogenic (1997). End song: “Let’s Go” by Frou Frou from Details (2002). Intro: “Crazy,” co-written with Seal from his debut album (1991).

Strictly speaking, Guy’s first solo release was the Piano+ EP in 2018; here’s a tune from that. Here is Guy live with Imogen Heap. Here’s a video for “Must Be Dreaming,” one of the tunes on the Frou Frou album with Imogen and his most recent collaboration with her. The other group he’s been a full member of is Acacia with Alexander Nilere; here’s one of their tunes.

Here’s one of the demos Guy did for Madonna which eventually became her song “Nothing Fails.” Here’s a tune he wrote with Alanis Morissette. Here’s a recent tune he wrote with Alison Moyet. The first song he wrote with Seal was “The Beginning.” Here’s a tune he produced for Britney Spears. Here’s a “classic albums” audio special featuring Guy on Björk’s Homogenic album. Here’s her live band that Guy was the musical director of in 1997.

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