NEM#110: Joe Louis Walker’s Blues Soup

Joe has played alongside B.B. King, Ron Wood, and even back to Hendrix, Hooker, and Monk. As a solo artist he’s put out around two dozen albums since 1986. He’s a blues man but mixes in gospel, soul, rock, and many other styles.

We discuss the title track of Hellfire (2012), “Keep the Faith” from Hornet’s Nest (2013) feat. the Jordanaires, the title track from The Gift (1988), and listen to “Soldier for Jesus” from Viva Las Vegas Live (2019). Intro: “Don’t Play Games” from Cold Is the Night (1986). For more, see

Live versions: “Hellfire,” “The Gift.” Earlier, excellent versions of “Soldier for Jesus”: 2004 and 2012 with the Jordanaires. Here’s the full version of “Don’t Play Games.” Here’s Joe with B.B. King. Here he is doing “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” I really like this Rolling Stones cover he did.

Joe talks on the interview about his old roommate Mike Bloomfield who died young; here’s some Bloomfield tribute with Joe and J Geils and others. Here’s some of that Dylan-goes-electric gig with Bloomfield that Joe mentions. Joe also talks a lot here about The Jordanaires; here they are with Elvis and with Ricky Nelson and with Patsy Cline.

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