NEM#111: Marty Willson-Piper Has Room for Everything

In The Church, he was half of a world-famous twin guitar machine for 30 years starting in 1980 but has also released seven solo albums and been in several other bands, most notably releasing four albums with his old friend Dare Mason as Noctorum.

We discuss two 2019 Noctorum tracks, “The Moon Drips” from Afterlife and “Dancing with Death” from The Afterdeath EP, plus “You Whisper” from his solo album Art Attack (1988). We conclude by listening to “Forget the Radio” from his solo album Hanging Out in Heaven (2000). Intro: “Spark” by The Church from Starfish (1988). For more see and also

Here’s The Church live playing “Spark” in 2013 near the end of MWP’s tenure. Here’s Marty recently with Olivia his wife (pictured, and she was also around during the interview) playing acoustically, including “You Whisper.” Here he is playing song songs live solo back in ’90. Here’s a video on the making of the Afterlife album. Here’s Marty running a guitar clinic. Look here to learn about his massive archive of albums (by other people). Here’s more info on The Afterdeath EP (the GoFundMe campaign has concluded).

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