NEM#112: Radney Foster Finds His Voice

Radney started as a Nashville songwriter and performed in the late 80s as the front half of Foster & Lloyd. He went solo in ’91 and has released about a dozen albums since then that increasingly break away from country music standards into something more personal.

We discuss two recordings from his latest album, For You to See the Stars (2017), before which he literally lost his voice and hence started writing short stories; we discuss both the story and song for “Sycamore Creek” and for a new recording of an older tune, “Raining on Sunday” (originally written for See What You Want to See, 1999). We then look back to his biggest hit, “Nobody Wins” from Del Rio , TX 1959 (1992) and listen to the 2018 single, “Godspeed (Dulce Sueños).” Intro: “Crazy Over You” by Foster & Lloyd from their eponymous album (1987).

Watch videos for “Nobody Wins” and his other big hit back in the day, “Just Call Me Lonesome.” Here’s the original version of  “Raining on Sunday” and Keith Urban’s hit cover version. Radney’s song “I’m In” was also covered by Keith Urban. Here’s Radney performing “Godspeed,” the Dixie Chicks version, and a new one by Marc Broussard.

Here’s Foster & Lloyd live on TV in 1988, including an interview. Here they are live acoustic during the 2012 reunion. Here’s “Nobody Wins” live in its 2013 acoustic form, and my favorite version, played faster on the 2001 Are You Ready for the Big Show live album. Here he is in 2018 playing the gorgeous title track to the new album.

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