NEM#113: Bid (Monochrome Set): All-Permissive British New Wave Forever!

The Monochrome Set has under the leadership of Bid released 15 albums of eccentric British pop since 1980, and he’s had another nine as Scartlet’s Well. His songs often employ a ’60s dance vibe, literary lyrics, and a try-anything approach to arrangements.

We discuss “Eux Tous” from Fabula Mendax (2019), “Walking with the Beast” from Dante’s Casino (1990), “Adeste Fidelis” from Love Zombies (1980), and conclude listening to the title track of Spaces Everywhere (2015). Intro: “Eine Symphonie Des Grauens” (a 1979 single). For more, see

Hear the full song “Eine Symphonie des Grauens.” Another early hit that Bid mentions is “Jet Set Junta.” Watch the band live in the early 90s playing an early classic, in 2008 (still with Lester Square on guitar), and in its current line-up. Here’s a documentary about the band from 2013. Here’s a track from Scarlet’s Well, and that band live.

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Photo by Taryn Alper.

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