NEM#114: Michaela Anne’s Hyper-Reflective Country

Michaela has released four albums of carefully styled, lyrically rich country since 2011.  From her latest, Desert Dove (2019), we discuss the title track, plus you’ll hear “By Our Design” as the intro and “Somebody New” as the closer. We also discuss “Worrying Mind” from Bright Lights and the Fame (2016) and “Is This What Mama Meant” from Ease My Mind (2014).  For more, see

Here’s the official video for “By Our Design” along with a live version. The single from the album that we didn’t play is “Child of the Wind.” Here’s an earlier video for “Ease My Mind,” and one of those solo sets she doesn’t like to do so much. Here’s a live tune from before she got signed.

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Image by Jamie Stow.


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