NEM#115: Julie Slick: Pedal Art Visualizer

Julie became a member of the extended King Crimson family in 2006 by joining the Adrian Belew Power Trio. She released two solo albums starting in 2010 then started working with another bassist, Marco Machera, releasing four albums with him, the last three as Echotest. Why two basses? Because Julie often uses technology to change the pitch, timbre, and other elements of her bass to allow her to cover an orchestra's worth of parts.

We discuss "Ladies’ Legs at the Temperature Hotel" and "No, You Are Dead/The Gate of Light" by Echotest from Daughter of Ocean (2019), "Pi" (feat. Steve Ball, Claire Wadsworth),  from her solo album Terrior (2012), and listen to "Supercell" by Echotest (feat. Mike Visser) from From Two Balconies (2017). Intro/Outro: "Mela" from Julie Slick (2010). For more, see

Listen to "Mela" in full. Here's the full EchoTest live set from SeaProg 2019 that Julie mentions. Here are Julie and Marco live with Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson) and Tim Motzer (whose band with Julie is called Springs). See the official video for "Supercell." Watch video from another Echotest tune, "The Drift."

Here's Julie showing off her raw bass talent.  Watch her playing around with pedals. Here she is live with the Adrian Belew Power Trio playing a King Crimson classic. Here's a little bit of Start Making Sense live.

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