Pretty Much Pop #37: Everything is LEGO

Why has a children’s toy become a brand attached to virtually every media type, partnering with the most ubiquitous franchises, and serving as a pastime for many adult hobbyists who will gut you if you call LEGO a “children’s toy.”

Brian Hirt (our resident AFOL, i.e. adult fan of LEGO) talks with co-hosts Erica Spyres and Mark Linsenmayer about creative play vs. following the printed directions, building purists vs. anthropomorphizers, LEGO qua corporate overlord, the LEGO films and competitive building TV show, and more.

Brian’s LEGO designs that we react to are the Mandelbrot fractal, baby Yoda, dreidel, and swimming pool. “AFOL” is but the first of many LEGO-specific initialisms; see the glossary.

Yes, Super-man lives in a Mandelbrot fractal, of course.
Here are some articles we drummed up to prepare:
If you’re going to be a LEGO buff, you might want to sleep less.

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