Pretty Much Pop #38: Costuming w/ Whitney Anne Adams

How does clothing mesh with set design, cinematography, sound design, etc. to create the mood in a film? Whitney designed for and dressed leads and crowds on The Great Gatsby, the Happy Death Day films and several indie flicks. She joins Erica, Mark and Brian to discuss how clothes on screen relate to clothes in life, designing vs. curating, historic vs. modern vs. genre, when costumes get distracting, her current TV and film picks for notable costuming, and how an interest in (or total obliviousness to) clothes affects the watching experience.

Read a few interviews with Whitney about her process: More articles to make you think about costumes:
Whitney’s clothes are cooler than yours.
Follow Whitney on Instagram @waacostumedesign. She’s also the stylist for Brian Tyree Henry (i.e. Paper Boi on Atlanta). Some of the indie films she’s worked on that we bring up include Piercing, The Eyes of My Mother, and Irreplaceable You.

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