NEM#121: K.C. Clifford on Brokenness and Power

K.C. has created seven releases of confessional folk (sometimes gospel, sometimes country) since 2000. We discuss “No More Living Small” and listen to “You Couldn’t Stay” from her 2020 self-titled album, then talk about “Broken Things” from Orchid (2010) and “Find My Way Home” from Teeth-Marks on My Tongue (2004). Intro: “Emily” from Times Like These (2000). For more see

Here’s another song, “Salt” from the new album. Here she is performing as a duo one of those strongly country tunes she talks about, and with a full band supporting her 2010 albumRead her words about “You Couldn’t Stay” from her blog. She recorded a fundraising video talking about motherhood in advance of her new record. And apparently she appeared on The Biggest Loser a decade ago.

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