Pretty Much Pop #48: The Arts in Reality TV w/ Skin Wars’ Robin Slonina

Fine art and reality TV are typically rated our highest and lowest forms of entertainment, yet creative competition shows combine the two. Robin Slonina is a world-renowned body painter and served as a judge (along with RuPaul!) on the show Skin Wars. She joins Mark, Erica, and Brian to figure out the degree to which that format lets the art shine through.

We also touch on Work of Art-The Next Great Artist, Face Off, American Idol, Project Runway, cooking shows, art as commodity, public art like the BLM D.C. street mural, paint-offs and other game-show gimmicks, and the RuPaul ethic.

The artist and her creation (in more than one sense).

Behold these relevant articles:

This episode includes bonus discussion that you can hear now by supporting the podcast at While we always offer that, this time it’s special: Robin stuck around and talked to us in a very spirited way about current political issues surrounding the protests. Plus, body painters challenge public nudity laws, and some potential future politically active African-American artist guests for us are discussed.

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Oh, and Erica wanted photographic proof of Brian and Mark knowing Robin in the before-times:

1978: Robin lower left, Brian upper right.
1980: Robin upper center, Mark upper right.

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