NEM#130: Mark Farner (ex Grand Funk Railroad) Back from the Dead

Mark led Grand Funk Railroad through 13 hit albums in the 70s and early 80s and has had around eight solo releases. We discuss “Nadean” from For the People (2006), “Not Yet” from Some Kind of Wonderful (1991), and the title track of Born to Die (1976) by Grand Funk Railroad. We then listen to his 2015 single (co-written with Paul Topete) “Take You Out.” Intro: “Closer to Home (I’m Your Captain)” from GFR’s Closer to Home (1970). For more see

Mark has had a single more recently than “Take You Out,” 2018’s “Can’t Stop.” Watch a full Mark Farner’s American Band show from 2020. Here’s another long interview with Mark that you might like.

Here’s all of “Closer to Home (I’m Your Captain).” Drummer Don Brewer has sole writing credit on Grand Funk Railroad’s biggest hit, “We’re an American Band,” but according to this interview, Mark wrote the music including Don’s main drum part! If you’re unfamiliar with GFR’s story, this Behind the Music episode goes through the really interesting milestones. Here’s one of their live shows from 1972, as a power trio with nearly every song written by Mark. A GFR reunion is unlikely (Don Brewer is running a current version).

Consider contributing to Mark Farner’s Mid-Michigan Flood Relief.

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  1. Very good interview. As a life long fan since 1970 those are just a few of the questions I’d like to ask vs the same old Shea Stadium, American Band questions. Enjoyed very much!

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