Pretty Much Pop Aftertalk Clip Show 2020

With no new Pretty Much Pop episode this week, we’ve collected some highlights from the supporter-only aftertalks that we record with every episode to reveal to the general public. Feast upon these non-sequitur nuggets of wisdom and mirth!

Here are the topics and clip sources. You want to go hear them in context:

  • Escapism (from the aftertalk to ep. 51)
  • Nazi/Jewish alternative histories and super-heroes (ep. 50 feat. Seth Paskin)
  • Comedy as disruptive in fiction (ep. 54 after talking Rick and Morty)
  • Robin Slonina (ep. 48) tells us about Andy Golub, public painter of nude bodies.
  • Reading Ta-Nehishi Coates’ Captain America comics with Anthony LeBlanc (ep. 56)
  • The musical 1776 and the segregation that persists to today with Sam after discussing Hamilton (ep. 53).
  • A discussion of the new Twilight Zone time loop episode “Try, Try.” (ep. 52)
  • Swearing on Star Trek and other sci-fi with Drew (ep. 42).
  • A funny Me Too joke on VEEP! and lazy storytelling in drama (after talking #MeToo depictions for ep. 40)
  • More made-up sit-com premises (ep. 47).
  • Silliness after our costuming ep. 38.
  • Something about multi-tasking whose source I forget

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