Pretty Much Pop #64: The Last of Us: The Best Movies We Ever Played

Mark, Brian, and Drew/Erica (Ericrew? Drerica?) all played The Last of Us and its recent sequel, and while yes, it was great, we did not agree that it was “fun,” nor how much “playing” was actually involved. How can cinematic video games balance narrative and gameplay?

This franchise by Neil Druckmann under Naughty Dog is ostensibly about a zombie apocalypse and an immune girl that might be its cure, but it’s really a drawn-out drama about loss, family, and the cycle of revenge… You know, in between running around looking for scraps to craft weapon upgrades and skulking around driving shivs through the necks of numerous monsters and  people.

We compare The Last of Us to other zombie media like Walking Dead, address the shifting points of view in the game (playable flashbacks!), representation, fan and critical reaction, the effectiveness of the game’s message, and more.

This conversation should work both for listeners who’ve actually played the games and those who are just curious about what the fuss is about. There are some plot spoilers about the end of the first game and events near the beginning of the second game necessary to discuss the narrative.

Listen to the official Last of Us podcast. For another player perspective, check out the Besties podcast.

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This game lets you play with nice doggies.


  1. The Last of Us series is by far the best movie/book/game/play or any other media I have ever experienced. So pleased to find this discussion about it.

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