Pretty Much Pop #72: Comic Book Supremacy w/ Fred Van Lente

As scribe for Marvel and his own Evil Twin Comics, Fred has a lot of ideas to bring to Mark, Erica, and Brian about both non-fiction comics and what people normally think of. Adding pictures helps readers retain information, and the low budgets involved with comics mean that there’s really no whimsicality limit. We discuss playing in the Marvel sandbox, the role of humor, comic-to-movie transitions, and more.

We talk to Fred about his writing on his Comic Book History of Comics and the new Comic Book History of Animation, Action Philosophers, Action Presidents, Action Activists, Marvel Zombies, Cowboys & Aliens, and his play about Jack Kirby.

Learn more about Fred’s work at You can read there about how Fred constructs scripts; the one Mark refers to with the mysteriously changed coat is right there highlighted at the top of this page, and there are also several sample scripts including the one for Action Philosophers: Kant that demonstrates Fred’s methods for vividly explaining a complex idea.

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