NEM#139: Don Rauf’s Life In A Blender

Don started the NY-based Life in a Blender in the late 80s and has put out ten albums of tunes with off-kilter lyrics and increasingly elaborate arrangements. We discuss “The Ocean is a Black and Rolling Tongue” (and listen at the end to “Soul Deliverer”) from Satsuma (2020), “Falmouth” from We Already Have Birds That Sing (2014), and “Chicken Dance” from Two Legs Bad (1997). Intro: “Mounds of Flesh” from Welcome to the Jelly Days (1988). For more see

Here’s the whole song “Mounds of Flesh.” Watch that video for “Chicken Dance” that we talk about. And here’s a new one for “Soul Deliverer.” Another good video is for “Frankenstein Cannot Be Stopped.” A really nice song I almost used on the show (due to his dying recently) is “Sean Connery.” Watch Don live acoustically at a Bushwick Book Club event. Watch the band live at full volume and stripped down.

Photo by David Barry.

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