Pretty Much Pop #77: The Big Screen Experience

Plague has kept us out of the movie theaters, forcing new streaming practices so that films can be released at all, but as these restrictions end in 2021, do we want things to go back just to the way they were?

Your hosts Mark, Erica, and Brian reviewed many articles where filmmakers fretted about the future of cinema, but we pretty much ignored all that (at least for our first half hour) to have a nice new year’s discussion of our own past theater-going habits and experiences. What has worked and hasn’t in the shift toward more spectacle and amenities? What do we like and loathe about being in an audience with others? Is the theater experience essential just for big special effects films, or does it make any film more effective? How would we improve moviegoing and home viewing? We consider the list of films that were supposed to come out this year and were either delayed or moved to streaming, like TenetSoulIn the Heights, etc.

Here are those articles, so you too can mostly ignore them:

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Why watch Blu-ray when you can watch with stingrays?

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