NEM#140: Larry Keel: Hillbilly Shredder to Singer-Songwriter

Larry has appeared on 20+ albums since co-founding Magraw Gap in 1990 and then becoming bandleader on ’97. He’s known for his lightning flat picking and has more recently added a good dose of social commentary and fundamental questioning to his songwriting. We discuss “Mars’ Cry” (and listen to “Try”) from American Dream (2020), “Crocodile Man” from One (2019), and “Diamond Break” from Backwoods (2009). Intro: The title track to The Sound (1999). For more, see

Here’s a recent live show. Here’s a solo version of “Crocodile Man.Here’s a tune with his trio called “Little Green Man.” Here he is live with Magraw Gap. Here he is backing Tyler Childers. Watch Keller & the Keels bluegrass up a classic Tom Petty tune and then listen to their studio take on Pink Floyd. Finally, watch him playing with his “Natural Bridge” band playing this old-timey Glen Campbell tune.

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