Pretty Much Pop #79: The Fargo Formula w/ Tamler Sommers (Very Bad Wizards Crossover)

On the Coen Brothers’ 1996 film and Noah Hawley’s 4-season TV show, an enterprise that has evolved from darkly comic morality tale to sprawling organized crime drama. Mark, Erica, Brian, and guest Tamler from the Very Bad Wizards podcast explore the plaudits and criticisms of the show, covering its elaborate style, “tundra western” setting, dry humor, speechifying, gender issues, stunt casting, and the role of chance in its plotting. Did the show go downhill in its later seasons, and is there altogether too much rehash involved? Yes, there are spoilers, but no, it barely matters.

Check out these resources for more opinions and background information:

Tamler’s pitch for how he will appear in season 5.

Follow @tamler. Hear him on The Partially Examined Life. Check out his book, Why Honor Matters.

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