NEM#142: Rebecca Rego: This Is Your Life!

Folky, soul-singing Rebecca has had six releases since 2007. We discuss “Mama” from her solo EP, Songs for Cleaning Women, Pt. 1 (2020), “No One Knows Me” by Rebecca Rego and the Trainmen from Speaking of Witches (2019), “Gave Me” by rego off of From the Royal Arcade (2009), and we end by listening to “Cruel” from Lay These Weapons Down (2016). Intro: “Call My Mother” from Tolono (2014). More at

Listen to all of “Call My Mother.Here’s the 2007 version we keep talking about of “The Best Thing You Ever Gave Me.Here’s a slick video for the 2016 track “Steamroller.Here she is live on the radio and live in Chicago.

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