Pretty Much Pop #82: Cobra Kai and the Karate Kids

Did anyone suspect that the beloved 1984 “Kid Rocky” karate film (and its decreasingly beloved sequels) would now be not just remade but revived as the YouTube-Red-turned-Netflix hit Cobra Kai? Is this new show actually good, or just living unhealthily on nostalgia and the fascination of watching teens and middle aged people fistfight and fall in love. Mark-san, Erica-san, and Brian-san survey the show and all the films for nonsensical plotting, villain motivation, questionable acting, and more. It’s almost as if PMP is the best… around… and nothing’s ever gonna keep it down.

Care for some articles with more info about these shows?

If you haven’t seen the notorious Karate Kid III, watch this.

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  1. As one of “the teens” I don’t know anyone who has ever watched this…. we just want anime and Netflix competition shows.

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