NEM#144: Dennis Davison (The Jigsaw Seen): How Much Is Enough?

Dennis fronted the Baltimore punk band Ebeneezer & The Bludgeons in the late 70s, and after some transitional projects moved to L.A. where his ’60s-ish guitar pop band The Jigsaw Seen released nine albums from 1989-2015.

We discuss “Museum Piece” (and listen to “Shadow on a Tall Tree” at the end) from his debut solo album, The Book Of Strongman (2020); “Idiots with Guitars” from Old Man Reverb (2014); and the title track from My Name Is Tom (1991). Intro: “Jim Is the Devil” (a 1989 single). For more, visit

Watch the video for “Jim Is the Devil” and the new one for “Shadow on a Tall Tree.” See the band perform “My Name Is Tom” live in 1991, and “Idiots with Guitars” live in 2016. A particularly catchy tune with a nice video from the last Jigsaw Seen album is “Let There Be Reverb.” Probably my favorite tune of theirs is the very Big-Star/Badfinger-ish “Letter to the Editor” (2000). Their most popular tune, according to Spotify, is their cover of Scott Walker’s “30 Century Man,” which appeared on Futurama at some point. Listen to Dennis fronting The United States of Existence in the early ’80s. Here he is with Ebenezer and the Bludgeons.

Oh, and that minor key riff in the first song that reminded me of something that I couldn’t place is very similar to the opening riff of The Byrds’ “Here Without You.

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