NEM#145: Jay Gonzalez: Concise but Colorful

Jay is best known as sideman for Drive-By Truckers since 2008 but has written songs for Athens bands like The Possibilities and Nutria since the 90s and has three solo releases.

We discuss the title track (and listen at the end to “I Wanna Hold You”) from Back to the Hive (2021), “&#%&#!” and “Shenorock Lane” from The Bitter Suite (2015), and “Turning Me On” from Mess of Happiness (2012). Intro: “Tough to Let Go” by Drive-By Truckers from The New OK (2020). For more see

This episode includes additional conversation about Jay’s early work, plus another song, “Anita” by Nutria from Metronome (2006), which you can only hear by supporting the podcast at; that song is used for the fade-out of this interview.

Watch Jay’s new video, “Trampoline.” Hear the opening instrumental track from the new album. Here’s the one for “Turning Me On.” Watch a live performance of The Bitter Suite. Here he is live solo, with The Guilty Pleasures backing him, and backing Patterson Hood on accordion.

Photo by Greg Chow. Audio editing by Tyler Hislop.

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