NEM#152: Glen Phillips (Toad the Wet Sprocket) Builds His Capacity

Glen led smooth alt rock legends Toad the Wet Sprocket from ’88 to ’97 through six albums, has released 7 often folky solo albums (and 3 more Toad albums since their reunion) since then plus various side projects.

We discuss “Old Habits Die Hard” by Toad (a 2020 single), “Leaving Oldtown” from his latest solo release, Swallowed by the New (2016), and “One Wind Blows” from Toad’s debut, Bread and Circus (1988). We conclude by listening to the title track from the 2021 Toad album Starting Now. Intro: “All I Want” from fear (1991). For more see and

Watch the video for “All I Want.” Another of their big songs (which Glen points out for its chord progression by guitarist Todd Nichols) was “Walk on the Ocean.” Here they are live post-reunion and back in the day. The opening track from his most recent solo album is “Go.” Watch Glen playing “Leaving Oldtown” live solo. Here’s a full solo acoustic show from 2013.

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