Philosophy vs. Improv: An Introductory Trailer

What is Philosophy vs. Improv? Hear about the new podcast by Mark Linsenmayer (The Partially Examined Life Philosophy Podcast) and Bill Arnett (Chicago Improv StudioThe Complete Improviser author).

Thanks to our trailer announcer, Erica Spyres from Pretty Much Pop. PvI logo by Solomon Grundy.

You can listen to three full episodes now at Or go subscribe via Apple, Stitcher, Audible, or load up the RSS feed into the podcast player of your choice.

The hard sell: You can also choose to get a couple episodes ahead of everyone else plus bonus content (including some relevant behind-the-paywall PEL episodes) by pledging at any level to support the project at Do not underestimate your individual power in helping to ensure that this project keeps going. Whether or not you already pony up $5/month or whatever to support PEL operations, I’m hoping you can spare, like $1/episode (you can also set a monthly cap, so this could be $1/month) to help this new podcast get off the ground. It’ll only take $50/episode in pledges for us to break even given that we’re recording it for free and underpaying our great editor Tyler during this initial phase, but if we can’t get even that much, well, that’ll be bad.

Here’s another way to get involved: For each episode, we’re putting up children’s art. While I can just continue to find random weird pictures on the web to repost, I would feel much better if YOUR children might contribute. Please send me their masterpieces: the more abstract the better, the more infantile the better, but I’m open! Also, if you have a bin somewhere of interesting works from your own childhood, just pull out your phone and get scanning. You can also follow me on Twitter, and I’ll announce upcoming episode titles that you can use to start a conversation with your child to draw something from scratch. I’ll try to post everything I receive in some way or other, so your child can feel very famous.

-Mark Linsenmayer

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