Philosophy vs. Improv #5: What Is Bread? Are You Bread?

Two micro scenes and a mystery number of interruptions reveal our underlying definitions. How will we overcome the lag between our words and become like-minded? How many beats in an heirloom beet if an heirloom hair-looms beets? Many lessons are learned that are not THE lesson, necessitating some difficult multi-tasking.

In the post-game, Bill starts something we can’t finish about libertarianism, watermelon is revealed, and we have recommendations: Brad Neely’s Harry Potter videos, Shelly Kagan’s Yale course on Death.

For more on definitions, you may be amused by the PEL episodes on Ayn Rand and Ludwig Wittgenstein. Now, both of those have been only available for $5 donors on the PEL Citizen site, but I’ve made the Ayn Rand one available for Philosophy Improv supporters at any level.

Audio editing by Tyler Hislop. Image by Maggie via Aaron Zenz.

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