Philosophy vs. Improv #6: Let’s Have Made a Deal!

We try to be boring. Bill tries to make a discovery amidst the canards. Mark tries to be a good meta-dupe. But is our success in these attempts guaranteed by the deal you have already made with us by listening to this? It is not.

With our first celebrity guest, the final judge is unveiled!

In the post-game, we talk Conan O’Brien (sound effects) and talk shows in general, plus Joe Pera Talks With You. Why has Mark not yet read Bill’s book?

Learn improv from Bill through Get philosophy tutoring from Mark or listen to his reading group podcast at For a Partially Examined Life introduction to the social contract, listen ep. 3 on Thomas Hobbes, then ep. 37 on John Locke.

Audio editing by Tyler Hislop. Image by Kuan Jian Jing, Jessica.

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