NEM#157: DEVO’s Gerald V. Casale: Guises of Social Critique

Jerry has co-fronted Devo since its founding in the mid-70s, releasing nine albums with them, but his solo career has been sporadic, with a release as Jihad Jerry & the Evildoers in 2006 and a few singles. We discuss his new song and videoI’m Gonna Pay U Back,” and one of those Jihad Jerry tracks (that album now reissued to include the new track) “The Owl,” and the 1979-recorded Devo track “Fountain of Filth” (co-written with Bob Casale and released on Hardcore Devo Vol. 2). We conclude by listening to his 2016 single “It’s All Devo.” Intro: “Whip It” by Devo from Freedom of Choice (1980). For more see

Watch the new video and the one for “It’s All Devo.” Hear the Hardcore Devo Live! version of “Fountain of Filth,” and watch the band play it on that 2014 tour. Watch the original video for “Whip It” (Jerry sings the opening line of each verse, while Mark Mothersbough has the whip and sings the answering part). Another important Devo track that Jerry sang was “Beautiful World.” If you aren’t familiar with the reunited Devo 2010 album, check out “What We Do.” The first single and video released for Jihad Jerry in 2006 was “Army Girls Gone Wild.” Here’s Devo live very very recently, at the tail end of their main output in 1996, and in their original conception back in 1978.

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Audio editing for the interview by Tyler Hislop.

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