Philosophy vs. Improv #24: Game Time w/ C. Thi Nguyen

Thi is a philosopher of games, making him a perfect match for this podcast. Why are games worthy of philosophical study? What counts as a game, anyway? We play a frustration game, finish each others’ sentences, and ask dumb questions on a museum tour. It’s an unusually discussion-focused episode!

Picture is by Zahra, grabbed from this article. Audio editing by Tyler Hislop of Pixel Box Media.

Thi sticks around for the post-game, and we talk about gaming rules, algorithms, quantification, RPGs (he recommends Apocalypse World and Microscope RPG). Bill recommends Painting with John. Get all of our post-game discussions by signing up to support us at

Hear Thi on Mark’s Pretty Much Pop podcast talking about food culture.

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