Pretty Much Pop #115: So-Called Greatest Albums

How does canonization work in popular music? Is Rolling Stone’s 500 Best Albums of All Time list just a modest record of the favorite albums of people associated with Rolling Stone? Is it a statement of what “experts” in popular music enjoy? Does it reflect English-American popularity, and what responsibility to list-makers have to experience and include world music, indie music, and other music by those not powerful enough to have promotional backing?

Mark is joined by  journalist Noah Berlatsky (who just published The Best Greatest Albums of All Time Ever), musical artist Mobley, and The Hustle podcast host Jon Lamoreaux to discuss the album as a format, music curation, the subjectivity of taste, and our childhood love affairs with particular albums.

We refer to this 2017 NPR list of 150 greatest albums by women. There’s also a greatest albums list by PopVortex.

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Hear Noah on PMP#36 on criticism, and hear Jon on PMP#99 on the music of your youth.

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