NEM#165: Paula Cole Beautifully Picks at Wounds

Paula Cole (Grammy-winner with two huge hits) has released 10 studio albums since 1994 after backing Peter Gabriel on his Secret World tour in the early ’90s.

We discuss “Blues in Gray” from Revolution (2019), “Father” from 7 (2015), and “Hush, Hush, Hush” from This Fire (1996). We also listen to “Steal Away/Hidden in Plain Sight” from American Quilt (2021). Intro: “I Don’t Want to Wait,” also from This Fire. For more, see

Watch the two videos from her 1996 hits “I Don’t Want to Wait” and “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone.” After that her style took a rather sharp turn with the 1999 Amen album; here’s “I Believe in Love,” a disco tune from that. Her Revolution album has some much more directly political songs like its title track. She’s done some jazz and folk covers with her recent American Quilt and Ballads album, like this tune. Here she is live in 1998 and a more recent stripped-down appearance. She can still sing “I Don’t Want to Wait” with pretty much the same tone, and in fact the version used to introduce the podcast is the artist’s re-recording, not the original.

Photo by Ebru Yildiz. Interview editing by Tyler Hislop of Pixelbox Media.

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